Our Product

Our karapudi is an authentic and premium blend of spices which are 100% organic and preservative-free.  Karapudi is the eternal spice one can have in their kitchen.

 Our blend can be used in various curries, sambars and other side dishes, truly enhancing the flavour profile of a dish.

Our grind gives the palette a wide range of subtle and intense strokes of rhapsodic and flavourful experiences that transcend you to food heathens.

Our karapudi is a 200+ year old family grind that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Karapudi is a spice powder almost unknown to the rest of the world except for a few traditional South Indians.

Here,  at SpiceKansh, we hope to spread the love through food by helping every  household enjoy every single meal of their life.

Karapudi is a spice that will forever be used and we long for it to be present in every home across the nation.